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Systems That Allow You To Live in Solitude

Enjoy the comfort of well-functioning septic systems and sewage facilities, even when you are out of the municipal service area of Didsbury, Alberta. Miller Excavating can plan, install, and maintain a wastewater system that will enhance your property's use.

Septic Installation

Certified Septic Design and Installation

A properly installed sewage system on your property can prevent inconvenient spills and environmental concerns. Get the peace of mind you deserve when installing your septic tank with certified design and installation. Our new installations include soil analysis, system design, permit acquisitions, and inspections to ensure the system is up to code. Choose from a variety of septic systems that fit your sewage needs such as:

  • Treatment Mounds
  • Secondary Treatment Systems
  • Pressurized Fields
  • Gravity Fields
  • Open Discharge
  • Holding Tanks

Maintenance and Repair

When your system's pumps or equipment are not functioning properly, call us to repair your septic tank. Give us details about your pump, holding tank, and whether your disposal field is backing up or not draining properly. We are available for emergency services 24/7, and depending on the location, we can start repairing your tank as soon as possible.

Improve the performance of your septic tank with regular pump changes, filter cleaning, high-level alarm installations, and septic tank cleaning; which are the vacuum truck services we offer. Our team can empty the tank, replace the pump if it is failing, and communicate with you about what is going on with your system.